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The Virginia School of Polygraph was founded in 1968 in Norfolk, Virginia by Mr. Billy Franklin. Mr. Franklin graduated from the University of San Diego with a BS in Business Administration.  He served as a special agent with the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corp and was trained as a polygraph examiner.  In 1961 Mr. Franklin opened a private investigation agency in Falls Church, VA and later moved the business to Norfolk, VA under the name of Franklin Security Services, which provided services in the area of private investigations and polygraph examination.  Mr. Franklin read the law and passed the Virginia Bar Exam.  By 1968, Mr. Franklin needed additional polygraph examiners to keep up with his growing business which led him to open the Virginia School of Polygraph.  Mr. Franklin always felt to become a professional in any business, you must receive a good education and show proof you have the knowledge and professionalism to work in the field.  In 1968, Mr. Franklin supported, helped design and draft the first state regulations to govern the use of polygraph and licensing of polygraph examiners in the state of Virginia. In 1974, the newly formed American Polygraph Association (APA) developed an accreditation program for all polygraph schools here and abroad to meet in order to bring standardization to the polygraph field and minimum requirements for all polygraph examiners.  The Virginia School of Polygraph was accredited the same year and has maintained that accreditation ever since.

Mr. DeBow purchased the school in 2003 where he has trained law enforcement examiners from across the United States and abroad as well as private examiners going into the field of polygraph. Mr. DeBow is a graduate of the Virginia School of Polygraph while owned by the founder and former Director of the school, Mr. Billy Franklin. Mr. DeBow is also a graduate of the prestigious FBI Advanced Polygraph Training Program. He is certified by the American Polygraph Association as the Primary Instructor for the Virginia School of Polygraph and has instructed in every basic and advanced course offered by the Virginia School of Polygraph.

This School is associated with Northern Virginia Pre-Employment and Polygraph Services.

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